Surfin' Chili 1991: Skitless in Seattle

This year was the 2nd Annual RSOC Chili Cookoff, which is the warmup to the 13th Annual FOD Chili Cookoff. No skit this time either. But we did come equipped with several new awards, to counter the trophy hunters on the other teams. We were the envy of everyone.
1991 team photo Oh yeah, we also won some awards at the FOD cookoff: Sadly, the RSOC Cookoff didn't see fit to accord us any honors, despite the fact we obviously deserved them.

Scud missile attacks With the Gulf War raging, Surfin' Chili had a few Scud attacks of its own. Thanks to Jeff Nickels and his water balloon launcher, the other teams learned the true meaning of surprise attack. Strategically located in the corner of the RSOC cookoff camp, no team was immune from our deadly aim. The Scud attack continued unabated a few weeks later at the FOD cookoff.

Other high/lowlights: The Return of the Cherry Bombs, Ultimate Frisbee in the rain, and endless choruses of "Margaritaville".