Surfin' Chili 1992: Surfin' Chili and the Holy Space Station

Oui oui, I am not afraid! Skit time, prime time. We hit the ground running and never looked back. Take no prisoners, damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead. We were loaded for bear, pedal to the metal, full throttle, and other similar metaphors.

With some help from others, David Rose and I came up with the skit for the year: a combination of "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" and the then-current NASA leadership trying to win funding and secure partners for what was then called Space Station Freedom. Throw in a little JSC politics, and we had a killer script: Surfin' Chili and the Holy Space Station.

FOD Awards:

The RSOC judges continued their unbroken streak of not awarding us any trophies.

1992 team photo Just like Iraq was defeated by the Allied Forces in the Gulf War the previous year, so too was Surfin' Chili vanquished at the hands of the RSOC Rules Committee. In our honor, they passed the so-called "Surfin' Chili" rule for the RSOC cookoff: No object may be propelled through the air or on the ground that could cause a hazard to the team cooking areas, participants, or the public. This includes, but is not limited to, activities such as "Scud" water balloon strikes that occurred at last year's cookoff.

Surfin' Chili would also like to categorically deny any involvment or knowledge of any activities pertaining to beer kegs being left in NASA Buildings 1 (JSC Administrative offices) and 4 (Astronaut office) after the Cookoff Kickoff meeting.

High/lowlights of the year: Sally's duet with Michael on "Paradise by the Dashboard Lights", Bob Marley on the tunes, "Oui oui, I am not afraid", and yet more Cherry Bombs.