Surfin' Chili 1993: The Branch Pythagoreans

1993 team photo Never ones to stop at political correctness, the 1993 skit was a combination of the Branch Davidian debacle and the turmoils in the Space Station contract. The skit was about a mathematical cult that believes Gene Kranz is the reincarnation of the Greek mathemetician Pythagoras: the Branch Pythagoreans.

We kicked everyone else's sorry butt all across the Gilruth Center compound. Unfortunately, the judges failed to agree, as we went trophy-less.

Splashed in the mud Despite the tragic ending to the events at Waco, we felt we couldn't compromise our own principles and create a new skit for the FOD cookoff. Plus, we couldn't come up with a new one.

High/lowlights: Still more Cherry Bombs, Sally's duet with Alan on "Paradise by the Dashboard Lights", Roje ending up in the mud, Pat McGroin, and the Top Five Space Babes.