Surfin' Chili 1994: Naked Station 51.6

1994 team photo This year's skit was a combination of the recent "Naked Gun 33-1/3" along with "Gone With The Wind," "Babylon 5," and the recent troubles with the Tethered Satellite System. We managed to put it all together, somehow, and almost pulled off a storefront sweep in the two cookoffs: Naked Station 51.6.

RSOC Awards:

FOD Awards: It must have been a cosmic alignment of the planets. Everything went our way and we finally won a chili trophy. Yes, we don't care about how the judges like our chili (they usually don't) as long as we do, but damn! it was good to win.

Low/highlights: Robin forgot the Cherry Bombs, Buffett on the CD, water gun fights, Andrea chowing down on jalapeno peppers, and Alan in drag (twice).