Surfin' Chili 10th Anniversary

It was time to retire the old booth. The old one looked like it had been built by a bunch of drunks (which, of course, it was), with pieces thrown together over the years. But the wood was warping and it was always too damn hard to figure out which bolt went into which hole in which support. A new design was needed.

We decided on a "beach house" theme, with a new color scheme (peach and aqua), a raised floor with a porch, a balcony, and palm frond roof. The surfin' pepper was the only visible remnant of the old booth, though we cannibalized some of the wood for the new one.

As part of the 10th Anniversary celebration, we celebrate our past: it was still built by a bunch of drunks, but this time we were (mostly) sober when we designed it. The banner reads "Celebrating Surfin' Chili's 10th Year".