Surfin' Chili 2001: A Surfin' Odyssey

Second place trophy for Showmanship, our seventh in 11 years. Third place ribbon for Grapefruit, our sixth. A three-peat first place ribbon for Space Trivia, the first time in the 23 year history of the JSC FOD Chili Cookoff. Surfin' Chili kicked some serious butt.

Taking a cue from the STS-98 crew, we thought Safety. You got a problem with that?

The secret ingredient in the chili The secret ingredient in the cooks

Never content to rest on our laurels - we pioneered "Burma Shave" signs, Jell-O shots, Mardi Gras beads, and booth balconies to the cookoff - this year we added temporary tattoos.

 Tim said he was putting a tattoo on her....

Our skit this year skewered our usual range of targets: 2001: A Survivor Anomaly took on Al Gore and the 2000 Presidential Election, George Abbey, the destruction of Mir, the Hainan China airplane incident, Dennis Tito, the ISS computer fiasco, and Survivor. It was not a pretty sight.

Between Robin's cherry bombs and Sally's Jell-O shots, Surfin' Chili surfed to another successful year despite not winning any chili awards for an incredible 12th straight year. We rule!