ANNOUNCER: This is CNN, the Chili News Network. And now, live from Capitol Hill, we turn to the Senate confirmation hearings for General Charlie Bolden, President Obamaís choice as the the new head of NASA.

[each Senator waves to the crowd as their name is called]

Seated on the confirmation panel are Senators

WOLF Oui oui, I am not afraid!

[Each senator will ask a question, then Bolden will reply (but wonít actually say anything) in the form of a sound clip.]

PAT: What did Senator Nelson say to you when he told you were going to be getting the nomination?

  • Don't want nobody, nobody, 'cause baby it's you

    ANITA: What was your first thought about getting an Associate Administrator?

  • Help! I need somebody! Help! Not just anybody! Help! You know I need someone! Help!

    WOLF: How did you find Lori Garver?

  • I saw her standing there

    PAT: Ms. Garver was part of the Obama transition team. Do you know how she got that position?

  • She came in through the bathroom window

    ANITA: How would you characterize your relationship with ATK, for whom you were previously a lobbyist?

  • I get by with a little help from my friends.

    WOLF: Any thoughts on the 50th anniversary of NASAís founding?

  • Iím glad itís your birthday, happy birthday to you

    PAT: How would you feel returning to the NASA community.

  • Itís been a long time, now Iím, coming back home

    ANITA: General, what can you tell us about the Space Bat who caught a ride on the External Tank a few months ago?

  • He was a day tripper, one way ticket yeah

    WOLF: What plans do you have for the agency?

  • Shake it up baby!

    PAT: What has been NASAís biggest complaint about Congress over the years?

  • You never give me your money

    ANITA: Turning to Constellation, where do you plan to get the funding?

  • The taxman

    WOLF: What is the main problem with the Ares-I rocket?

  • Sheís so heavy

    PAT: There have been issues with where the Orion crew vehicle will land. Are you a proponent of land or sea? What other methods of landing Orion have you considered?

  • Why donít we do it in the road?

    ANITA: If we continue to use the Soyuz to transport our astronauts to the ISS, where do you think weíll wind up?

  • Back in the USSR!

    WOLF: Do you see the international partnerships continuing into the Constellation program?

  • Come together right now

    PAT: What are your plans for the ISS crew in the event of emergencies?

  • We all live in a yellow submarine

    ANITA: Do you have any words for future NASA employees?

  • Will you still need me, will you still feed me, when Iím 64

    WOLF: General, a question from one of my constituents. If you were the Octo-mom and your kids wanted to be astronauts, and if each one of them had their own wake-up song on orbit over the course of a week, how would you accomplish that?

  • Eight days a week

    PAT: Several astronauts have begun to Twitter during training and during flight. What do you say on your Twitter account?

  • Half of what I say is meaningless

    ANITA: In light of the current financial crisis, how do you see NASA employees getting by?

  • Working for peanuts is all very fine

    WOLF: What do you want for the agency?

  • Your loviní donít pay no bills, Now give me money, thatís what I want

    PAT: Any thoughts on solar exploration?

  • Good day sunshine

    ANITA: Gen. Bolden, weíre pleased to confirm you as NASA new administrator. What are you going to do now?

  • Eat some Surfin' Chili!