Surfin' Chili FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. Who is SURFIN' CHILI?

    SURFIN' CHILI is a conglomeration of many JSC organizations and our friends from outside JSC. Many different directorates are or have been represented: Mission Operations (DA, DM, DO, DT, DX), International Space Station Program Office (OM, OC), Engineering (EA, EC, EG, ES), Flight Crew Operations (CB), Space and Life Sciences (SA), Shuttle Program Office (MV), Financial (LI, LM), Communication and Public Affairs (AP), and the new Constellation Office (ZV) all have had SURFIN' CHILI team representation. As for companies represented we have NASA, United Space Alliance (USA), Boeing, Tech Trans International (TTI), Lockheed Martin, and others outside the JSC community. We truly represent cooperation and coordination of all areas of JSC and support the community outreach!

  2. Who makes those fine SURFIN' CHILI shirts?

    One of the primary events each year is the SURFIN' CHILI tie-dye party, where we make our own shirts. We are not only smart (shown by working at NASA), but creative too.

  3. Who sponsors SURFIN' CHILI?

    WE DO! Unlike many newer teams, SURFIN' CHILI has been around since 1990. We have no corporate sponsorship, no department slush fund, and we fund all events by contribution. We are doing this for the love of the cookoff and it keeps our voice free and untainted!

  4. That's a cool booth, how did you get it like that?

    Thank you. SURFIN' CHILI has the only approved 2-story booth in the cookoff. Any future 2-story booths require prior approval. We like to call that the SURFIN' CHILI RULE. (Another example of excellent NASA engineering talent.)

  5. Have any other rules been passed at a chili cookoff based on what Surfin' Chili did?

    Yes, back in 1991 we had our "Scud Missile" water balloon launcher at the Rockwell chili cookoff. For the 1992 cookoff, they included a rule which stated: "No object may be propelled through the air or on the ground that could cause a hazard to the team cooking areas, participants, or the public. This includes, but is not limited to, activities such as "Scud" water balloon strikes that occurred at last year's cookoff."

  6. How does SURFIN' CHILI do in the games?

    SURFIN' CHILI won Space Trivia 4 years in a row, unprecedented in the history of the cookoff! We always participate in every game and often place in all of them: 36 game ribbons or trophies since 1990; 10-time Showmanship trophy winners. SURFIN' CHILI skits are always entertaining and cover the range of recent NASA and world events.

  7. What's your special propaganda?

    SURFIN' CHILI is a team of trendsetters - we were the first team to have tie-dye shirts (1991), first with a web page (1996), first Jell-O Shot Twister games (1997), first "Burma-shave" signs (1998), first to make a 2-story booth with Mardi Gras beads from the balcony (2000), first to give out tattoos (2001), first Jell-O Delivery System (JDS) to aid in the distribution of Jell-O shots (2003). All have since been duplicated by other teams. Look for our tattoo parlor, clever flyers, eye catching shirts (you can always find the tie-dyes), and of course our energetic team members.

  8. So why does SURFIN' CHILI deserve showmanship trophy?

    SURFIN' CHILI is a true representation of what the cook-off is all about. Teamwork, Fair play, Enthusiasm, Community Involvement, Multi-division interaction, Good clean fun, and of course chili.

  9. What's the deal with a surfing chili pepper, where did that come from?

    SURFIN' CHILI came into existence one drunken night in the Spring of 1990. It was just one of those things where we were drinking for team name inspiration, and somebody said, "What the hell, let's call ourselves SURFIN' CHILI." Like most stupid names, it stuck. We took as a mascot a chili pepper surfing backwards on a wave - it wasn't supposed to be backwards, but no one noticed it until it was too late.

  10. What's the team cheer? And who's Tim?

    Co-founder Tim Griffiths brought the cheer with him from Pennsylvania. It began at college during games of "Pass Out". Anytime someone landed on "All Drink", the cheer would ring out. Tim employed it often, especially at JSC softball games - their softball teams were usually named Team Drink. It may have been there, or a party somewhere, but after a Team Drink cheer, someone said "Tim's the Devil" and it stuck. So no matter when or where the cheer took place, someone always had to state "Tim's the devil" after a cheer.

    T-E-A-M TEEEEAAAM DRINK! (tim's the devil)