T-E-A-M Teeeeeeeam Drink!

(Tim's the devil)

The Official Home of the Surfin' Chili
Chili Cookoff Team

Purveyors of Fine Chili since 1990
First JSC Chili Cookoff team on-line: December 1995

chili pepper mascot

You have stumbled across the Home Page of Surfin' Chili, arguably one of the greatest teams ever to compete in the NASA/JSC chili cookoffs in the 1990's. Coming soon: more pictures of drunks in action.

DISCLAIMER: Contrary to what you might have read elsewhere, Surfin' Chili is not THE "official NASA chili cookoff team" (Yahoo! screwed up our listing). We are, however, one of the teams that competes in one of the NASA-sponsored cookoffs in Houston. Just wanted to make that clear.

Surfin' Chili came into existence one drunken night in the Spring of 1990. According to Tim Griffiths, one of the team's founding members, "I think it was just one of those things where we were drinking for team name inspiration, and somebody said, 'What the hell, let's call ourselves Surfin' Chili.'" Like most stupid names, it stuck. We took as a mascot a chili pepper surfing backwards on a wave. (Well, no one really noticed it until it was too late, anyway.) And a legend was born.

Tim also supplied us with the team cheers (see top of page). "I brought the cheer 'T-E-A-M TEEEEEEEAM DRINK' with me from PA. We began doing it at college during games of Pass Out. Anytime someone landed on All Drink, the cheer would ring out. I employed it often (especially at softball games). Hence that's why all of our softball teams were named Team Drink. It may have been there, or a party somewhere, but after a Team Drink cheer, someone said 'Tim's the Devil' and it stuck. So no matter when or where the cheer took place, someone always had to state 'Tim's the devil' after a cheer."

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