Surfin' Chili 2000: SC2K

As part of the 10th Anniversary celebration, Surfin' Chili unveiled a brand new booth. It was still built by a bunch of drunks, but we were (mostly) sober when we designed it. The banner reads "Celebrating Surfin' Chili's 10th Year".

ribbon cutting The new features for the booth: a second story (yet another first for Surfin' Chili at the JSC/FOD Chili Cookoff), Mardi Gras beads from the balcony, a new cook, a beach house theme -- but the same surfin' chili mascot. We held the official ribbon-cutting during the booth judging.
bead tossing

This year's skit, as usual, skewered the current events of the nation and NASA: the new class of Astronaut Candidates, Elian Gonzales, the recent failed Mars missions, the ABC/Time Warner fight, and "Who Wants to Marry a Multi-Millionaire", all rolled into a skit called "Who Wants to Marry an Astronaut?".

trophies We racked up a second straight 1st Place ribbon for space trivia, along with a second place ribbon for Spoons, and a 3rd Place Trophy for Showmanship. Still shooting for the #1 trophy there, but considering there were about a hundred teams, still not too bad. Surfin' Chili keeps rolling when the others fall by the wayside.

Surfin' Chili 2000